- Angela

"Old stories are cruelest things. Lovely fairy tales have endings, but what about their lives?"
- Angela

- 赤ずきん

"Tell me if you ever see that Furry Bastard."
- Little Red

Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary (F-01-57-H,赤ずきんの傭兵)または略称して赤ずきんは、人間によく似たアブノーマリティです。暗い服を着た黄色の目の女性で、赤いフードが彼女の目元まで覆っています。彼女の身体にはいくつかの傷跡が見られ、戦闘では短い黒い斧や鎌、銃やピストルを用います。狼に対峙した時、彼女の顔は一変して怒りで紅潮します。


Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary (F-01-57-H), or Little Red for short, is a humanoid Abnormality in the form of a woman of yellow eyes, wearing dark clothes and a red hood covering the upper half of her face, and wearing a mask resembling sharp teeth, covering the lower part of her face. She has several scars on her body and when in combat, she uses a short black axe or scythe and a gun or pistol. Her face will turn red when confronting the wolf, revealing her true face.

She is currently one of two unique abnormalities in game to have a counterpart, the other being her said counterpart abnormality, Big and Might be Bad Wolf.

特殊能力/Ability 編集

彼女の特殊能力は「Memories of Scars(傷跡の記憶)」です。単騎または複数のアブノーマリティが脱走した際、もし赤ずきんが不機嫌でなければ、彼女の特殊コマンド「Request(依頼)」が発生します。プレーヤーは脱走したアブノーマリティから一つを選択し、彼女へ鎮圧を依頼できます。彼女が鎮圧を成功させた際には、対価のロボポイントが支払われます。その後、赤ずきんの上に鎮圧を依頼されたアブノーマリティの画像が現れ、彼女は収容室を出てそのアブノーマリティを追跡し、攻撃します。




Her special ability is "Memories of Scars". When another Abnormality or Abnormalities are breaching, Little Red will have a special work option available named 'Request' if she isn't in her bad mood. The player can select the special work to show the 'Wanted' Abnormalities breaching and select one of them for Little Red. Prices are below the portrait of the wanted Abnormalities, which is the amount of energy that need to be paid when Little Red successfully finishes the contract. When one of them is selected for the contract, their portrait will appear above Little Red and she will run out of her containment room to track the Abnormality and attack it.

Little Red possess a variety of attacks with her axe and gun, shooting from long range and doing quick attacks with her axe and also being able to throw it across the room. Little Red still has a health gauge and Abnormalities may attack her. If she is defeated while attacking a 'Wanted' Abnormality or when the wanted Abnormality is defeated, she will return to her containment room. Little Red's attacks can also deal damage to nearby employees and Abnormalities. If Little Red threw her axe before, she will have to pick it up to use it again. Unlike other Abnormalities, Little Red can't be suppressed when breaching due to the contract.

When Big and Might be Bad Wolf escapes, Little Red will escape immediately if he gets too close to her or her containment room, and she will proceed to chase him and will only focus on attacking him. Her appearance changes and she will not stop until Big and Might be bad Wolf is back in his containment room. Little Red's contract priority will keep always the wolf above any other Abnormality. This means that she will stop attacking any other Abnormality in her contract to hunt the wolf instead.

起源/Origin 編集




Little Red is assumed to follow the same origins of the tale of the same name, and the twist of her story maybe occurred when facing the Big Bad Wolf at the end of the tale. Although is unknown what happened at the end, her scars probably were the outcome of such event, with the Big Bad Wolf escaping somehow and creating her reason of intense 'revenge' to kill the wolf. Afterwards, she left her previous life to become a wandering mercenary, probably at the age of 15 or higher, training and working for contracts, without any place to stay. Where she got her weapons are unknown.

Where Little Red was found and how she arrived to the facility is still unknown, but maybe one of the reasons that she wanted to get in the facility is maybe to encounter the wolf.

管理方法/Caretaking 編集




  • 脱走したアブノーマリティがいる場合、赤ずきんに鎮圧することを考えてもよい。ただし、依頼には費用が必要となる。
  • 赤ずきんは不機嫌のときは依頼を受けなかった
  • 赤ずきんは最初に[未確認データ]を探す。依頼が進行中の場合は [未確認データ]の状態に細心の注意を払うこと。
  • [未確認データ]が脱走すると、[未確認データ]を探すために赤ずきんの傭兵は収容室から出た。

Little Red loves cleanliness, likes nutrition and hates consensus, amusement and violence work.

Like all Abnormalities, her energy output changes depending on its mood. She produces a moderate amount of energy when she feels happy and neutral, and drains a large amount of energy when distressed.

Little Red's mood gauge is divided into 3 sections, distressed, neutral and happy. Under the 35%, she will feel distressed, between 35% and 80%, she will be neutral; and above 80%, she will feel happy.

  • "If there is escaped abnormality, it is also a good idea to ask the Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary to defeat it. However, a cost is required for the contract."
  • "Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary did not accept the contract when its condition was not good."
  • "Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary puts [Unidentified Data] hunting first. It is recommended that you pay close attention to the status of [Unidentified Date] when a contract is in progress."
  • "When [Unidentified Data] escaped, the Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary came out of the containment room to hunt for [Unidentified Data]."

最終観測/Final Observation 編集



(The chamber is empty, except the Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary, and her axe and gun. She seems exhausted)
Am I really alive? What if I'm a ghost that doesn't even know it's dead?

The only thing I love in my life is the death of the wolf.

Exit the room 部屋から出る Mourn for her memories. 彼女の記憶を哀悼する。

Knock on my door whenever you need my service.
This is my struggle.


I will swing my axe again tomorrow, still driven by hatred like I have been forever.
But tonight. I think I can sleep peacefully.


エンサイクロペディア説明/Encyclopedia Description 編集


Little Red's encyclopedia portrait

  • 「私はプロの傭兵よ。私の仕事は高価だけど、ある条件の下で負けてあげるわ。もしあなたがあの糞野郎に会ったなら、私に引き渡しなさい。あの野郎の首を私のベッドの上にぶら下げてやる。それだけで、私は悪夢を見ることなく眠ることができる。」
  • 赤い頭巾が印象的な女性の戦士。彼女の擦り切れたつぎはぎの頭巾にはイニシャルが刺繍されているが、頭巾が傷ついているため判読できない。噂によると彼女の頭巾は白だったが、幾度も返り血を浴びた結果、赤くなったと言う。→それは真実ではないことが分かった。これを早く修正して、マイケル!
  • 私たちの戦いに勝利なんてないのよ。私が思い描く全ては、可能な限りもっとも残酷な方法であの野郎をどうやって殺すかということだけよ。だから、祝杯なんてない。私が庭で花を摘む代わりに斧を磨くことに慣れたときには、私は15歳になっていたわ。
  • "'I am a pro. I used to be expensive, but I'll cut you some slack here, under one condition. Hand me over that goddamn cunning bastard if you ever see him. I will hang his head over my bed. Only then I can fall asleep without having a nightmare."
  • "Female warrior with striking red hood. Her frayed, and patched hood has initials embroidered on it which are unreadable because of the damage the hood has taken. Rumor says her hood used to be white, but became red after being soaked in blood for countless times. It turned out to be not true. Fix this, Michael!
    Before coming to this facility, she was a mercenary, wandering around without residence. She does not trust others well, and has extreme fondness for battles. She is unusually uncomfortable with her part of flesh being exposed, and looking at mirror. Also, numerous symptoms of paranoid have been observed in her behaviors.
    She has strong desire to resolve emergency situations if one ever breaks out. She says it's "a contract". Since this behavior consequently helps the management process, the company recommended putting it to use.
    The followings contain must-read for employees in all class.
    If she faces "Big and Might be bad Wolf", she goes out of control. She will undergo extreme shift in personality, embitterment disorder, and other psychologically dangerous disorders which result in serious collateral damage. Thus, extreme caution is advised when working on Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary."
  • "No victory will come in our battle. All I think about is how to kill that bastard in most gruesome way possible. Thus, I will drink no toast. I will not celebrate in any way. When I got used to grinding an axe instead picking flowers in the garden. I was 15."

観察 /Flavour Text 編集

  • 赤ずきんの傭兵はいつも契約を待っています。血のにおいを待っています。
  • 赤ずきんの傭兵は彼女の斧を研磨するのに日のほとんどの時間を過ごす。
  • 彼女が戦闘に参加しているときに頭巾が羽ばたくと、彼女の肌に大小様々な傷を見ることができます。
  • 彼女がオオカミと対峙するとき、すべてが終わります。
  • 毛皮の野郎を見つけたら教えな。私がその糞野郎の頭を切り落とした日には、仕事の報酬は無料にしてあげる。
  • 事実、赤ずきんの傭兵は職員よりもはるかにアブノーマリティを抑えることができます。
  • 多くの職員は赤ずきんの傭兵がどのように傷跡が付いたのか不思議に思います。しかし、多くは尋ねる勇気がありません。
  • 長い間続いた戦いの憎悪はますます深まっていきます。
  • 赤ずきんの傭兵は射撃練習ができる場所を望んだが、職員はそれを強く拒否しました。
  • "Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary is waiting for contracts as always. Waiting for smell of blood."
  • "Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary spends most time of the day grinding her axe."
  • "You can see small and huge scars on her skin through flapping hood when she engages in battle."
  • "Everything ends when she finally faces the wolf."
  • "Tell me if you ever see that furry bastard. The price for my handy work will be free when the day I cut that damned thing's head off comes."
  • "Actually, Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary is much more capable of suppressing abnormalities than employees."
  • "Many employees wonder how Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary got her scars. But not so many are brave enough to ask."
  • "The fight has been continuing for a long time, and her disgust is deepening by second."
  • "Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary wanted somewhere she can practice shooting. But employees strongly rejected it."

豆知識/ Trivia 編集

  • このアブノーマリティアブノーマリティは同名の寓話、赤ずきんを引き合いにしている。
  • The Abnormality is a reference to the fairy tale of the same name, Little Red Riding Hood.

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