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"Plague Doctor (Legacy)" は、ゲームのLegacy版(v0.0.2.2b)の情報を使用しています。ここの情報は、最新のゲームプレイが変更される前の古いバージョンのゲームからのものです。

Were you looking for the Plague Doctor's second form, WhiteNight?

- Plague Doctor

"There is nothing behind this mask, for flesh is bound to the flow of time but soul is immortal."
- Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor (O-01-45-Z) is a humanoid Abnormality wearing a black hat, a black plague doctor mask, and a long black coat. It has two large black wings instead of arms, and a collar of feathers around its neck. Its appearance becomes more "angelic" as it gains blessings. It is the first form of WhiteNight, and the only way to return it back to Plague Doctor is through a hidden in-game function reset.

ペスト医師(O-01-45-Z)は黒い帽子、黒いペストマスク、黒い外套を身につけた人型のアブノーマリティです。腕の代わりに大きく黒い翼を持ち、首元には羽毛のカラーがあります。彼は祝福を受けるにつれ「天使」的な外観へと変化していきます。WhiteNight のかつての姿であり、ゲームをリセットするほか、WhiteNight となった彼をペスト医師へと戻す方法はありません。

特殊能力 / Ability編集

特殊能力” Violet Coloured Baptism”(菫色の洗礼)は、彼を観察するか、'特別な’行動を実行した1~12人までの職員に、’祝福’を与えた状態にします。 しかし、Plague Doctorが12人の従業員を祝福すると、WhiteNightに変化し、12人の恵まれた職員すべてを十二使徒と呼ばれる状態に変異させます。 Plague DoctorがWhiteNightに形態変化した後、Xはスピードを変更したり、ヘルプ画面を使用したり、すべての職員が死亡するかその日が終わるまでゲームメニューを開くことができなくなりました。

Its special ability is "Violet Coloured Baptism", which applies the buff trait 'Bless' to the first twelve employees that either observe him, are ordered to perform his 'Special' action, or are possessed by Plague Doctor. However, when the Plague Doctor has 'Blessed' twelve employees, it transforms into WhiteNight, and mutates all twelve blessed employees into abnormalities called apostles. After the Plague Doctor has transformed, X is no longer able to change the speed, use the help screen, or open the game menu until all employees are dead or the day ends.

由来 / Origin 編集

その起源の詳細は現在知られていませんが、それは自らの意志で施設に来たと言われています。 それは聖書の起源によりその第二の形態への変貌を目的としている考えられています。

The details of its origin are currently unknown, though it's been said it came to the facility of its own free will. It is thought to have biblical origins due to it's second form.

管理方法 / Caretaking 編集

The Plague Doctor responds best to cleanliness work. It likes nutrition work, and is neutral to consensus, amusements, and violence works. Each observation or baptism will cause an old-fashioned clock to appear on screen, and the name of the employee who was sent in will appear beside a number.

If the Plague Doctor's mood drops, it will possess a random employee, and bring them to its containment unit to perform Violet Coloured Baptism. When it finish, Plague Doctor's mood will max out.

Plague Doctor may switch containment rooms randomly with other Abnormalities each 2–3 days. This may cause confusion in some departments. This is especially dangerous if you have Don't Touch Me. The change is at the start of the day, in the Deployment, so the player can check the Abnormalities and change agents if Plague Doctor is swapped with another Abnormality.

Even if you try to do the final observation with Plague Doctor, the only option available will end in failure. The only way to get the last observation must be through WhiteNight.

Plague Doctor's mood gauge is divided into 3 sections, distressed, neutral and happy. Under the 30%, it will feel distressed, between 30% and 70%, it will be neutral; and above 70%, it will feel happy.

  • "An employee kissed by Plague Doctor will be reborn as a new being."
  • "When Plague Doctor's mood status is bad, it will call an employee to its room and bless him/her."

Strategy 編集

Plague Doctor is an Abnormality that is easy to manage but also a potential threat, because of its ability to transform into WhiteNight. Its ability allow it to give a special trait which buff the employees' stats but that will count them as an Apostle for future runs.

Plague Doctor can improve its mood by Cleanliness and Nutrition work. The player should try to prevent Plague Doctor from entering its bad mood, as its ability can randomly trigger in this state. The Abnormality doesn't deal any damage when failing work so it is safe to send agents of any levels.

Its ability, "Violet Coloured Baptism", will make an employee gain a special trait, but it also makes them an Apostle later on. When Plague Doctor performs 12 Baptisms, it will transform into WhiteNight and all the employees with the trait will transform in uncontrollable Apostles, starting a breach. In different cases, Plague Doctor can trigger other effects to try to perform its ability, like possessing employees when its mood is depleted or baptizing agents who perform Observation work on it. While the buff trait is good for the employees, Plague Doctor will be one step closer to become an ALEPH Abnormality and can cause a major breach in seconds. If the player really wants to avoid agents getting baptized, Plague Doctor must stay in a good mood most of the time, Observation Works are not very necessary but if they are made, the player can reassign the blessed agents to work constantly with Plague Doctor in case its mood drops to bad, which it might have the chance to bless one of the agents working with it. Plague Doctor can't bless the same agent twice so this also limits the agents to use in case of performing Observation work. If the amount of blessed employees are high and closer to Plague Doctor transforming, pay attention to it from time to time when other Abnormalities are breaching, which might be distracting and allowing to Plague Doctor to drop its mood and trying to possess other agents.

観測 / Observations 編集

観測レベル 作業速度 気分値減少 基礎気分値



好みの理解 エネルギー生産の把握
0 +0% -0% 55% 0 0 None None
1 +10% -15% 57% 1 2 + アブノーマリティの名称 + 画像 普通: 暴力

上機嫌 / 普通: 標準+ 不機嫌: なし

2 +10% -30% 59% 1 3 普通: 交信, 娯楽 None
3 +20% -30% 61% 2 + 名称 4 + リスクレベル 大好き: 清潔 好き: 栄養 None
4 +30% -40% ??% 2 ?? None ??

最終観測 / Final Observation 編集









A man in the mask is looking at me. In fact, I can't see where he is looking at but I have a groundless confidence that he is waiting for me before I came in.

His wings, substitute for legs, swing quietly.

"I don't need legs."

"I'm not bound to this earth. I am merely staying."

He said as though he read my mind. I had an unusual impression, since he was so calm and comfortable.

"I heard that you are the manager of this facility. Employees often talked about you. Perhaps you have anything you wish to discuss with me?

Who are you?(あなたは誰?)



"I am the one who kindled the lantern to welcome the new world. I am the doctor who brought the medicine to cure you. I am the pilgrim who follows the trail." Plague doctor stopped talking.


エンサイクロペディア / Encyclopedia Description 編集

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 11.29.46 PM

The Doctor's encylopedia portrait

  • "Black fedora and beak mask. Huge black wings instead of arms or legs. Capable of human communication, though it prefers not to talk a lot. It came to this facility by itself, claiming that the world has contracted a dreadful disease which only it is able to cure. We could not find anything about this 'disease' it's talking about."
  • "It seems to like treating employees when they are injured or sick. It shows satisfaction when helping others and seems quite sympathetic and benevolent. Even after a week of observation, we found no aggression, violence, or attempt to escape. Only contributing to assumption that this Abnormality is eminently 'gentle' (12 of our employees used this word to describe this creature) and good for us."
  • "Employee <name>, who had a serious scar on <their> forehead while subduing Magical Girl, walked into this Abnormality's room with <their> scar not completely healed. The abnormality, which is not loquacious, started talking as soon as it saw the employee's scar."
  • "Observation record_I The abnormality asked. {"Why are you not treating that wound?" Alex said. "I just gave it first aid. I had no time to treat it properly." Then the plague doctor answered. "I shall cure you, depriving of every disease you have." Alex came out from the room with his scar healed."

フレーバーテキスト / Flavour Text 編集

  • "Plague Doctor gives freedom to those who are locked inside of themselves, and look after the broken ones."
  • "It was dawn when this doctor, who didn't tell his name, appeared."
  • "<Name> is with comfortable visiting Plague Doctor's room."
  • "Plague Doctor has a quiet and calming voice and likes to treat wounded people."
  • "Plague Doctor says, "I am here to treat diseases. When the day comes, come find me. I will be more than willing to help you.""
  • "Plague Doctor says that it came to this facility with his own will."
  • "When everyone abandoned hope, the masked man who calls himself doctor appeared."
  • "<Name> is most relieved when going to Plague Doctor's room than all."
  • Plague Doctor says, "There is nothing behind this mask, for flesh is bound to the flow of time but soul is immortal.""

余談 / Trivia 編集

  • Despite its in-game sprite showing him with a black mask, Plague Doctor's portrait shows it with a white mask.
    • This is another inconstancy along with Happy Teddy's portrait.
  • If the player has any agents with names the same as the baptised employees' names, those agents may not appear again when coming back to a previous checkpoint which has them in it.
    • It is unknown whether this is intentional or a bug.

ギャラリー / Gallery 編集