- Angela
"Silence is no longer just bringing peace."
- Angela

The 沈黙の対価(O-05-65-H) は黒い街灯に似た、柱の中央に緑の時計がついたアブノーマリティです。三針はそれぞれ異なる速度で回転しており、収容室でその音を聞くことができます。

The Price of Silence (O-05-65-H) is an Abnormality similar to a black lamppost, but with a green clock attached to the middle of the post. The clock possess 3 clock hands of different sizes and forms, rotating in the center at different speeds. A ticking sound of a clock can be heard in its containment room.

特殊能力/Ability 編集




Its ability is "The Thirteenth Bell", which triggers while in a bad mood. When the Price of Silence enters a bad mood, it will show a visual effect in its room as a warning, with a white circle in the middle, showing inside a roman number, starting from the 1 and ending in the 13. When the player pauses the game while the Price of Silence is in bad mood with its visual effect, when unpausing the game, a random employee in the facility will get killed, with the clock sounding afterwards, increasing its mood for a bit and increasing the number displayed in the visual effect by one. This ability triggering for the first time might not kill an employee when pausing at the start of the day while Price of Silence is in a bad mood. It will remember the amount of times it activated the ability in the same run, but not if the player loads a previous checkpoint.

When the ability was triggered 12 times, the next time it will show the same visual effect with different colors, and if is triggered again, instead of just one random agent dying, 13 random agents will die in different intervals, increasing its mood as well with each agent's death, and can also reach its max mood when doing this.

起源/Origin 編集


Its origin is currently unknown.

管理方法/Caretaking 編集



  • 沈黙の対価の気分が悪いと、一時停止を使用する時に対価を支払わなければなりません。
  • 沈黙の対価が12回鳴った後に再び沈黙の対価特殊能力が発動すると、鐘の音と同じだけ職員が死亡しました。

Price of Silence likes amusement and violence, dislikes cleanliness, hates consensus and doesn't care for nutrition.

Price of Silence drains a moderate amount of energy when it's at its happiest. It produces a moderate amount of energy when neutral, and produces a large amount when in distress.

  • "When Price of Silence was in a bad state, you had to pay for using pause."
  • "After Price of Silence has been ringing 12 times, once again the special ability of Price of Silence was triggered, and as many employees as the bell died."

戦略/Strategy 編集





Price of Silence is an Abnormality of average difficulty, since thanks to its ability, it has the chance of killing one of the more important or higher level agents in any part of the facility. This abnormality should be prioritized a decent amount, due to how it can easily restrict one of the most vital tools in any manager's disposal: the pausing tool.

The Price of Silence can only increase its mood by using Amusement and Violence work. Due to its ability being able to be triggered while in bad, the player should keep it in a good or neutral mood, because of producing energy in that state instead. If you want to keep it in the neutral mood for more longer, use Nutrition work to stop the fluctuation and also avoiding it to decrease. The Price of Silence deals an average amount of Psychological Damage while failing at work, so is recommended to possess middle to high level agents, Mental Training researched or possess more Observation Levels.

If Price of Silence's counter starts getting into the higher numbers, it could be recommended to restart the game (as in close out of the game completely) and reload from the most recent checkpoint, thus resetting the counter and bringing back agents.

Is totally safe to change time speed while Price of Silence is in bad mood, and if the player doesn't have problems with managing without stopping, leaving the Price of Silence in a bad mood could be an option thanks for the energy production.

観測結果/Observations 編集

Observation Statistics
Observation Level
Work Success Rate
Mood Decrease Rate
Basic Mood Rating

Unlocked Ability Entries (Total)

Unlocked Encyclopedia Entries (Total)

Preferences Learned
Energy Production Learned
0 +0% -0% 30% 0 0 None None
1 +10% -15% 30% 1 2 + 名前&姿&危険レベル
2 + Abnormality Name + Portrait + Risk Level
Neutral: Nutrition
Happy: Moderate- Neutral / Distressed: Moderate+
2 +10% -30% 40% 1+名前
1 + Name
2 好む:娯楽作業
Likess: Amusement
Distressed: Large+
3 +20% -30% 50% 2 2 好む:暴力作業、嫌う:清潔作業、最も嫌う:交信作業
Likes: Violence Dislikes: Cleanliness Hates: Consensus

最終観測/Final Observation編集

Time's wasting. time's running out... They are nothing but meaningless tantrums.
The watch will not only take your lost time back, but also give you even more time.
You decided to...
Not to use the watch
Use the watch
Actually, you have no right to refuse this gift.
Whether you want it or not, we all know that you have to take it.
The price will follow to your decision.
It is designed this way.

エンサイクロペディア説明/Encyclopedia Entries 編集

Price of Silence Portrait.jpg

Price of Silence's encyclopedia portrait

  • かなり年季の入った時計のような形をしています。中から「カチ、カチ」とした音を聞こえてきます。裏には「時は人生のごとく流れ、人生もまた時のように流れる」と書かれています。意味については不明です。
  • <職員の観測日誌>非常に稀ですが、時が止まったような感覚がする時があります。一瞬の刹那のような沈黙がやってくる時があります。そしてその時がやってくるごとに職員が原因不明の事故で亡くなりました。リックは普段から些細な事でも驚く職員でしたが、それが心臓麻痺で亡くなった事とそれほど関連があるとは思えません。ジャスティンは健康診断では誰もよりも健康体でした。死んだ彼らにはなんら外傷は見られませんでした。死因は明確で心停止でした。持病があったわけでも、心臓に負荷のかかる業務を任されたわけでもありません。まるで電池の切れた機械のように、急に止まってしまったようです。原因不明の心臓麻痺で10名以上の職員が亡くなるのが単なる偶然とは考えづらい状況で私たちは頭を抱えていましたが、私はこの現象の原因を薄々気づいて来ています。
  • "An old watch. Clicking of gears can be heard in close range. A phrase saying "Time flows like life. Llife flows like time." is written on the back. It is unclear what is the meaning this phrase is trying to convey."
  • "<Observation record>
    There are rare moments when it feels like the time just stopped. A brief instant of total silence. Every time this moment came, an employee died. Rick was a bit of coward, but it barely had anything to do with his hear attack. Justing was above average in his physical test. They had no exterior damage. Their heart just stopped beating. They did not overwork, and had no chronic disease. They just ceased, like a machine ran out of its battery. We couldn't even guess the cause of this. After 10 deaths, we were sure that it was not just some unfortunate coincidence. We thought an abnormality must have something to do with this.
    When a bell rang all across the facility, and when a scream followed, I thought that the nightmare made out of those terrible coincidences, has finally come. That abnormality which looks like a watch when it's goal is not telling us what time it is, was like a streetlamp standing amidst hell.
    I remembered about the phrase written on the abnormality's back, even though I couldn't remember what it was saying. I could still hear that hellish ring. I just ran to the watch's containment chamber.
    When the thirteenth ring, which I thought I would never hear, was head. I frantically gropped the watch to flip it. And I realized that the phrase was gone. Instead, something new was written, as if the ring was a cause of some change.
    "I am aware of complete solitude. I take the price of my gifting of silence. When the original owner comes. I shall take the price. -P""

観察/Flavour Text 編集

  • 軽そうに見えますが、職員三人がかりでも動かすことはできません。
  • 沈黙の対価の後ろに刻まれたPという存在について、職員の間で意見が別れています。
  • 13回目の鐘の音を聞いたものは呪われるという噂があります。
  • 沈黙の対価は時が過ぎゆく音を聞きます。
  • 沈黙の対価は、絶対的な孤独を知る唯一の存在です。
  • "職員████の明日は来るかもしれません。または来ないかもしれません"
  • "It seems light, But it won't budge even if you try to move it with all your might."
  • "No one knows who -P, who is mentioned in the phrase, is."
  • "Rumor says that the curse will fall upon you if you hear the thirteenth ring."
  • "Price of Silence can hear the time flowing."
  • "Price of Silence is the only being that knows a complete solitude."
  • "Employee <name>'s tomorrow might come, or not."

豆知識/Trivia 編集

  • 沈黙の対価は白夜静かなオーケストラのようにゲームの進行を妨げるのではなく、一時停止というゲームの仕組みそのものを引き出せる最初のアブノーマリティです。
  • Price of Silence is one of the first Abnormalities that can trigger its ability by a mechanic of the game, which is pausing the game, instead of limiting its used by like other Abnormalities (WhiteNight, The Silent Orchestra).

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