"Facing one's self desire is not always a bad thing."
-- Angela

Red Shoes は、ペアの光沢のある赤いエナメルレザーハイヒールです。白い台の上にあるライラックの枕に座っています。年月にかかわらず、靴に異常な光沢があるようです。 靴には、靴を物理的な力だけでは脱ぐことができないように、足に置いたときに驚くべき強さで肌に噛み付く歯がその境界に隠れていることが暗示されています。

The Red Shoes are a pair of shiny red high-heels. They sit upon a lilac pillow atop a white podium. The shoes seem to have abnormal gloss despite their age. It is implied that the shoes have teeth hidden in their confines, which bite into skin with extraordinary strength when put on a foot, so much so that the shoes are irremovable through physical force alone.

Ability 編集

特殊能力は"Dancing to the Grave"であり、これは女性従業員だけに影響を与えます。Red Shoesの部屋に女性の従業員を送ると、Abnormalityの状態にかかわらず、従業員は拘束され、欲望によって靴を履いて、近くの従業員を赤い斧で攻撃します。

Their special ability is "Dancing to the Grave", which only affects female employees. If the player ever attempts to send a female employee into the Red Shoes' room, regardless of the abnormality's condition, they will become possessed and put on the shoes. They will then begin to attack nearby employees and abnormalities with a red fire axe.

Red Shoesがあまりにも長い間悪い気分に置かれていると、Red Shoesはランダムに、部門の女性の従業員を収容部に来させるために従業員に憑いて、Red Shoesの所在地に到達するまで抑圧することができず、"Dancing to the Grave"が発動されてしまいます。呪文の下にある従業員は服従することはできませんが、プレイヤーが憑かれている従業員を何回かクリックすると、彼女は停止するまで遅くなり始めます。 彼女をクリックし続けて、呪縛から解放しましょう。

If the Shoes are left in a bad mood for too long, they will possess a random female employee in the department to come to their containment unit. They cannot be subdued until they reach the room. Although the employee under the spell cannot be subdued immediately, if the player clicks on them several times, they will slow their walking speed until they stop entirely. Continue to click on them to release the employee from the spell.

起源 編集


The details of its origin are currently unknown.

ケア 編集

Red Shoesは清掃、交信作業が好きであり、栄養、娯楽、暴力作業を嫌います。Red Shoesは収容室に入る女性従業員に取り憑くので、プレイヤーは男性従業員だけを送るようにしましょう。

すべてのAbnormalityと同様、そのエネルギー出力は気分によって変わります。 最も幸せな時に最も多くのエネルギーを生み出します。 平常のときに適度な量のエネルギーを生成し、苦しんでいるときに中程度のエネルギーを消費します。


Red Shoes like cleanliness and consensus, and hates nutrition, amusement, and violence. The Red Shoes will possess any female employee who enters the containment unit, so it's paramount that the player only send in male employees.

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output changes depending on its mood. It produces the most energy when it's at its happiest. It produces a moderate amount of energy when neutral, and drains a moderate amount of energy when distressed.

In order to complete the final observation, the player must choose "Wearing the shoes" and "Picked up an axe" when the prompts arise.

  • "When employee <name> went into Red Shoes' room, she was grasped with madness. We should be careful not to send in our female coworkers since that thing seemed to remember its previous owner."
  • "When Red Shoes' condition was not at its top, employee <name> who was nearby went into Red Shoes' room like <they> was being possessed by something."
  • "It was confirmed that employees who got possessed by Red Shoes comes back to normal, after continous attempts of making conversations with them."

Final Observation「最終観測」 編集

There is a pair of shoes.

It could be sitting in front of me, or in my feet.

I am......




Not wearing them.ソレを履かない。 Wearing them.ソレを履いた。
I was not wearing the shoes.

{The shoes' crimson color is getting deeper.}



I am wearing the shoes.

They are perfectly fit, it feels good.

I have a weird as if I am in another world.

There is a sharp axe in front of me.

Maybe it was there all along. Maybe I just haven't realized it until now.

At least I am assured no obstacles will be in my path.

But at the same time, a weapon will change a lot of things.











Did not pick up an axe.斧を拾わなかった。 Picked up an axe.
I was not carrying an axe.

The shoes are the only thing that knows where I should go.



I lifted the axe.

This tool can cut someone's else or my legs off.

The axe's blade is sharp as razor.

I know who sharpened it.

The shoes were colorless.

It will become red soon.








大百科のエントリー 編集


Red Shoes' encyclopedia portrait

  • このクリーチャーは、エレガントな女性に相応しいペアの赤い靴である。それがどこでどのように作られたのか不明だが、デザインから推測すると、最近作られたものではない。
  • 女性においてのみ、靴は「それを履いてみたい」という強い欲求を引き起こす。女性がアブノーマリティを「履いた」とき、最初にその表情に奇妙な変化が見られる。
  • 第二に、女性は靴を脱ぐことを拒否し、すべての潜在意識の欲望を満たそうとする。誰かが靴を脱がそうとするか、邪魔をしようとすると、靴は持ち主をコントロールして、その人物を殺そうとするかもしれない。
  • 着用者の欲望がこれらの行動に関与しているかどうか判断する方法はないが、イド(フロイトによる定義)は性的欲求と攻撃性の増加によって表させる
  • 現在、赤い靴に引きつけられたのはすべて女性であることが確認されています。したがって、可能であれば男性職員を配置することが望ましいです。アブノーマリティのエンケファリンが低下した場合には、それを取り巻く女性職員に影響を与える可能性があることに注意してください。
  • "The creature is in the form of a pair of red shoes suited for elegant women. Where and how it was made is undetermined but guessing from the design, it was not made recently."
  • "In only females, the shoes cause a strong desire to 'try it on'. When a woman 'wears' the Abnormality, first, you may notice a strange change in their expression."
  • "Secondly, the woman will refuse to take the shoes off, and will fulfill all subconscious desires. If anyone tries to take off the shoes or gets in her way, the shoes may take control of its host to kill that person who is in the way."
  • "There is no way to determine if the host's desires are involved in these actions but its id (as defined by Freud) is represented through an increase in sexual desire and aggression."
  • "Presently, it has been confirmed that it was all females that had been attracted to the Red Shoes. Therefore, it is advisable to place male employees, if possible. Beware that when the encephalin of an Abnormality becomes reduced, it could affect the female employees surrounding it."
  • "Counseling records #043_3: Employee F1230: <Redacted> She was a nice person. She was like... Like an idol. She always used to say things like how we should be proud to do the work we are doing. She could handle all kinds of Abnormalitys. But going into that room was the biggest mistake. We thought, what could a pair of shoes possibly do? Then she was wearing those shoes while laughing that strange laugh. That sound... That laugh... It was strange... It wasn't a laugh, it was... (Omitted)"
  • "When I came to, there was blood all around me. The click-clack of the dreaded shoes filled the hall and I closed my eyes to play dead. I had seen that a friend's head was rolling around somewhere. When the shoes clacked toward me and walked past me, I uh, I fainted again. (Omitted)"
  • "I heard they had to amputate the leg, because the creature wouldn't let go. Nobody saw her again but the old-timers probably remember the incident well."
  • "<Interview Log X3-39> We received a report that employee F4002 is wandering through the corridors after being charmed by the Red Shoes. Following the report, we immediately commanded employee F4002 to seize her. She was a skilled managerial employee with a lot of experiences with capturing. Thus, no-one expected any danger in capturing one female employee. But it took longer than the time predicted and when another employee went in to find her, employee F4002 was unconscious with her ankle chopped off and employee F4002 was found taking the shoes off the dismembered foot with a glare in her eyes."

フレーバーテキスト 編集

  • "What seems to be tooth inside of Red Shoes must be a delusion."
  • "The girl pleaded while crying, "Mister, please cut my leg off...""
  • "<Name> passes by the evenly sorted out Red Shoes and work."
  • "Heels of Red Shoes is worn down, as if representing many incidents happened."
  • "<Name> stops the work in between and glimpse back at the Red Shoes."
  • "Red Shoes is not an organism, but its unique atmosphere recalls old tragedy."
  • "Employee <name> has managed to finish <task> on Red Shoes. Red Shoes notices the latent desires of employee <name>."
  • "Strong urge and temptation to possess is created by Red Shoes especially to females."
  • "Red Shoes is standing still, staring at the work of <name>."
  • "Weighing upon one's mind, <name> is checking the Red Shoes, unable to focus on work."
  • "Employee <name> has finished Cleanliness on Red Shoes. It puts exceptional gloss on Red Shoes."
  • "<Name> is diligently looking somewhere else, not trying to look at Red Shoes."
  • "Red Shoes is in disorder as if someone just took it off."
  • "Red Shoes' red enamel leather is silently glittering from sunshine."

トリビア 編集

  • Red Shoes is a reference to the somewhat religious fairy tale of the same name: The Red Shoes, where a girl obsessed with her red shoes bought by her adoptive mother, ends up under a 'curse' where she is forced to dance as long she wears the shoes. At some point in the tale, the girl finds an executioner and asks to him to cut her feet off. After that, the red shoes continue to dance with her amputated feet still in them. Eventually, the girl is granted leave to heaven by a merciful angel.
    • The ability of Red Shoes, 'Dancing to the Grave' is also a nod to the fairy tale.
      • At one point, it is mentioned that the shoes keep running in the facility, which is a definite reference to the end of the cautionary tale.
  • There is a bug in Interview Log X3-39, where both employees have mistakenly been assigned the same number.

Gallery 編集