- Angela

"Spiders are known to eat their spouse when it is hungry. Or, the spouse willingly sacrifice for its partner. It's okay as long as it can fill its empty stomach, I guess."
- Angela

Spider Bud は蜘蛛の母親の形をした Abnormalityです。 彼女は百科事典のエントリーでは赤い目がたくさんある巨大な蜘蛛と言われていますが、天井から垂れ下がった、大きさの違う赤い目がいくつかある暗い袋のように見えます。彼女は体に目に見える脚を持っていませんが、彼女が従業員をつかんだときに見られるように、彼女の足が天井から来ているようです。 彼女の収容室では子蜘蛛 が床を這いまわってます。

Spider Bud (T-02-43-T) is an arachnid mother Abnormality. She is described as an enormous spider with numerous red eyes in her encyclopedia entries, although her actual in-game appearance is closer to a dark sack with several red eyes of varying sizes. She hangs from the ceiling in a dark corner, and doesn't seem to possess any legs visibly attached to her main body. Instead, her legs seem to come from the ceiling, only seen when grabbing an employee. In her containment room, spiderlings are crawling on the floor.

Ability 編集

彼女の特別な能力は "Bon Appetite"です。"原則主義者" のエージェントが収容室の作業に送られると、Spider Budの怒りを引き起こします。なぜなら、その従業員は自分の赤ん坊のクモを殺したからです。 Spider Budが降りて従業員に向かいます。 エージェントが男性の場合、Spider Budは彼を抱き上げて繭に入れ、そのエージェントを再び使用できないようにします。 しかし、エージェントが女性であれば、Spider Budは彼女に強い精神的ダメージを与え、彼女に任せて作業を進めます。 繭は彼女のエネルギー生産を高めます。 より多くの繭があれば、より多くのエネルギーが生産されます。

Spider Buds' special ability, "Bon Appetite", is activated when a "principlist" employee is sent to perform a task in her containment room or when an employee is sent to do 'Cleanliness' work. The employee will kill the spiderlings, enraging her. Spider Bud will then come down and face the employee. If the employee is male, Spider Bud will capture him in her web him and put him inside a cocoon. They will be considered dead. However, if the employee is female, Spider Bud will instead inflict strong psychological damage, and then allow her to proceed with the task. Cocoons boost her energy production, and the more cocoons there are, the more energy will be produced.

起源 編集


The details of her origin are currently unknown, but seem like she was living in a dark forest, shown in her full artwork; before the corporation captured her.

ケア 編集

Spider Bud は栄養補給に最高の反応を示します。 彼女は娯楽が好きで、清潔さと暴力を嫌い、コンセンサスの作業を気にしません。 プレイヤーはSpider Budの収容室にどの従業員を送るかを選ぶ際には注意が必要です。「原則主義者」のライフスタイルを持つ従業員は、繭で包み込まれる(男性)か強い物理的ダメージを受けます(女性)。

Spider Bud responds best to nutrition work. She likes amusement work, hates cleanliness and violence, and is neutral towards consensus work. The player should take caution in choosing which employees they send to Spider Bud's containment chamber, as any employee with the "principlist" life style will either be wrapped up in a cocoon (male) or take strong psychological damage (female).


A principlist wrapped in a cocoon

すべてのAbnormality 同様に、彼女の気分に応じてエネルギーの出力が変化します。 彼女は彼女が幸せであるときに最もエネルギーを生み出し、苦しんでいるときに適度なエネルギーを消費します。彼女は中立ではいられないので、プレーヤーはいつも彼女を幸せに保つように努めなければなりません。

Like all Abnormalities, her energy output changes depending on her mood. She produces the most energy when she's at her happiest and drains a moderate amount of energy when distressed. She cannot be neutral so the player should try to keep her happy at all times.

Spider Bud's mood gauge is divided into 2 sections, distressed and happy. Under the 20%, she will feel distressed and above it, she will be happy.

  • "With high probability, principled employees kill baby spiders in the contain room."
  • "Spider Bud only turn an employee that killed her baby into a cocoon when the killer is a male."
  • "Spider Bud's cocoon produces energy. The more cocoons, the more energy produced."

Final Observation 編集







I am a spider.

I eat anything my web catches.

I am starving.

I haven't eaten anything for days.

There is a big prey hanging on my web.

My starvation could kill me if I don't eat something.

Eat the prey.(獲物を食べる) Do not eat the prey.(獲物を食べない)




I devoured the prey.

My body reacted faster than my thoughts.


I am a spider.

I eat anything my web catches.






I could not eat the prey in front of me.

This starvation is slowly tiring me.

The prey struggles to get out, to survive.

The struggle did nothing but shaking my web a little bit.

And I watch the prey.


大百科のエントリー 編集


Spider Bud's encyclopedia portrait

  • "Unidentified wires were entangled to each other in the ceiling. We could not see the Abnormality with naked eyes its was too dark because the power went out."
  • "Proud employee <name> went into to abnormality's cell. When <they> turned the flashlight on, we could see baby spiders crawling away from the light."
  • "When the employee smashed one of the spiders, a horrendous thing happened. Giant spider with many eyes decended from the ceiling, looking at him. It was a blink of an eye. He was snatched up by it. The spider delightfully wrapped him around with its web. Hanging up on the ceiling, he will be a food for babies."
  • "Nobody volunteered to bring his corpse back. It seems the spider does not jump on female employees. It just stares at her for few seconds and disappears into the ceiling. Thus, it is unwise to send male employees to the containment room."
  • "Excerpts from an encyclopedia, Red Eye Venom Spider article: Not many know this, preys inside of cocoons die slowly to keep them fresh. Especially, Red Eye Venom Spider's venom causes heart disease that stays even when venom's been removed. Preys wait for their end, listening to their heartbeat slowing day by day."
  • "<Excerpts from the letter> We read the article. However, we must inform you that the racial similarity between the Abnormality in question and Red Eye Venom Spider is hardly backed up by valid evidence. Also, our engineers discovered that energy production increases by X% when captured employee is present in the containment room. Thus, following your argument, 'When a cocoon inside of the containment room is identified as one of the employees, rescue operation must be launched', is impossible. However, to respect your opinion, we promise that research on the Abnormality "Brood Mother" will be conducted more thoroughly. Agitating the base's personnel with unidentified myth is punishable by article 00 of the corporation's rule, we advise you to be careful. Lobotomy always works for the best of our people, we will always listen to you. Thank you. - Head of the welfare department"
  • "A grotesque rumor prevails among our employees. It's not strange to have a rumor or two in this place but it got interesting when witnesses started to show up. It goes like this, 'Whispering voice is heard from the containment room in the night.' 'The voice was <name>'s, who went missing few days ago.' 'Saying things like 'it's too dark and scary here, help me! Help me!"

フレーバーテキスト 編集

  • "Spider Bud wants foods for the winter. Her babies are always hungry."
  • "The containment room itself is a giant web. From the moment an employee sets a foot inside, she will watch the prey."
  • "Wires on the ceiling seems to gotten longer, employee <name> saw one of them moving."
  • "Spiders have strong maternal love. They will go through any kind of sacrifice to protect younglings."
  • "<Name> never looks at the ceiling during the work to assure not to make any eye contact with her."
  • "<Name> never forgets to shake the uniform to knock baby spiders that might have gotten on it off."
  • "Sometimes, baby spiders fall from the ceiling. Don't mind them, though."
  • "The floor is not supposed to be black, <name> realised it is moving slowly."

トリビア 編集

  • The special ability "Bon Appetite" may be a misspelling of the phrase "bon appétit", a French term used to wish someone a good meal.
  • In her final observation, you must choose not to eat its prey, meaning that Spider Bud may actually feel some sympathy for her prey.
  • Despite being the red attack type, Spider Bud damages employees psychologically instead of physically.
  • Mentioned in her encyclopedia entry, the cocoons might contain the agents still alive, like most spiders wrap up their preys in silk to save them for later. In this case, for her spiderlings.
  • Spider Bud have an alternative name, which is 'Brood Mother', used in one of the encyclopedia entries.
  • Its first letter in the subject number classify it as 'Trauma'. This Abnormality seems to represent the fear of spiders.