The King of Greed (O-01-64-W、強欲の王)は、魔法少女の1人としても知られている人型アブノーマリティです。彼女は褐色の肌に白い長髪を持ち、黄色いドレスとネックレスやブレスレットを着用しています。彼女は前部が透けた黄金の卵のようなものに入っており、透けた部分から彼女を観測することができます。強欲の王が収容状態にある場合、キラキラとした音を発します。

The King of Greed (O-01-64-W), also known as one of the Magical Girls, is an humanoid Abnormality taking the form of a girl with dark skin and long white hair, wearing a yellow dress and accessories like a necklace and bracelets. She is encapsulated in a golden, egg-like being, with a transparent part on the front, making the girl inside it visible. It makes glittering sounds when in its containment room.

特殊能力/Ability 編集

彼女の特殊能力は"In the Name of Love and Greed(愛と強欲の名において)"です。それは彼女が不機嫌状態になると発動し、魚のような巨体の怪物に変身します。怪物は巨大な口と小さな足を持ち、側面からから長く黒い付属物を発しています。色は前の形態から変化が無く、大きな口から少女の頭をぶら下げています。




Its special ability is "In the Name of Love and Greed", which triggers when its mood is depleted. The Abnormality will transform into creature, similar to a fish with a big body, with a huge mouth at the front, small legs/feet and eyes, with long black appendages coming from the sides, and conserving the color from the previous form. From the big mouth is hanging the head of the girl. The Abnormality makes crunching sounds, along with the laugh of a girl, in this form. Afterwards, it will escape from the containment unit.

When breaching, The King of Greed moves in only one direction, and when reaching the end of the hallway or another door, it will teleport to another random hallway in the facility, appearing from one of the sides.

Any employee or Abnormality which is trapped or touched by the Abnormality's mouth will suffer a huge amount of Physical Damage, killing anything in its path almost instantly. It doesn't deal any damage from behind.

起源/Origin 編集


Its origin is currently unknown.

管理方法/Caretaking 編集




  • 「強欲な王は長らく不機嫌な状態に置かれていた。強欲な王は姿を変え、収容室から逃げた」
  • 「怪物が脱走した時、前方の標的を無差別に呑み込む動きを見せました。鎮圧の際は怪物の向きに注意してください」

In progress. The King of Greed likes nutrition, dislikes consensus and cleanliness, and hates violence work.

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output changes depending on its mood. It drains a large amount of energy when happy and produce a large amount of energy when distressed.

The King of Greed's mood gauge is divided into 2 sections, distressed and happy. Under the 80%, it will feel distressed and above it will feel happy.

  • "The King of Greed was left in a bad state for a period of time, and The King of Greed which was deformed in appearance escaped from the containment room."
  • "The King of Greed showed the action of indiscriminately swallowing the target on the front when escaping. Pay attention to the direction of movement of the Abnormality when suppressing."

観測結果/Observations 編集

Observation Statistics
Observation Level Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Rate Basic Mood Rating

Unlocked Ability Entries (Total)

Unlocked Encyclopedia Entries (Total)

Preferences Learned Energy Production Learned
0 +0% -0% 80% 0 0 None None
1 +10% -15% 80% 1 1 + Abnormality Name + Portrait + Risk Level Dislikes: Consensus Happy: Large- Distressed: Large+
2 +10% -30% 80% 1 + Name 2 + Real Name Hates: Violence None
3 +20% -30% 80% 2 3 Likes: Nutrition Dislikes: Cleanliness None
4 +30% -40% 80% 2 3 Likes: Amusement None

最終観測/Final Observation編集


Come on, don't be like that. I might look hideous but that's not important to you, right?

I am happy that you can hear me.

I once fought for happiness of the world.

But soon after, I noticed.

Happiness of the world means happiness for me.

I'm trying to stay happy.

I don't care even if it got me look like this.

Have you met my sisters?

We were always one.

We thought, and shared goal together.

By the way,

Are you happy now?

No, I'm not happy Yes, I'm happy
I knew you were not happy.

You are me.

You trapped yourself inside of an egg, like me.

Amber-colored sky is beautiful.

Oh, I'm getting hungry again.

(The egg shook violently)

Don't lie.

Why have we come to like this if that's true?

And why have you ended up like that?

I will stay appetitive even if you told me like that.

But if your answer is a resolve for the future, not just a statement or fact,

Things might change slowly.


エンサイクロペエィア 説明/Encyclopedia Entries 編集

The King of Greed Portrait.png

The King of Greed's encyclopedia portrait

  • 最初の罪は一欠片の林檎から生まれた。
  • 幸福は強迫観念になり、強迫観念は強欲になり、強欲は黄色いかぼちゃを実らせた。幸福は笑顔を浮かべながらその中に横たわっている。
  • <誰かの日記>人々は長い間ヒーローに憧れていた。
  • "The first sins were born from a bite of a sweet apple.
    The price for it was an exile from Eden.
    And now we are standing in an orchard.
    My basket is too big to be filled, even if every fruit in the wolrd was put inside of it.
    But is it bad to want honey when there is a flower?
    We are born to be happy, after all."
  • "Happiness became obsession, obsession became greed, and greed became a yellow pumpkin. The happiness is lying inside of it with smile on its face.
    The first seed of desire was born from a pure demand to be happy. The seed was small at first, and unsatisfied. It grew bigger and harder. A hungry fish swallowed a glaring gem. The gem didn't satiate its craving, but rather worsened it.
    Dreams don't usually come true. Many desires are abandoned, but they don't fade away. They are wandering at the bottom of the river in our mind, waiting for the day to rise again. When a small bait falls into the river, the hungry fish will rise from the bottom to snatch it in a blink of an eye.
    The magical girl, who is no longer a magical girl, devoured numerous things. Fame, wealth, and other pleasures of life. Nothing was left when she looked around. Only primitive greed remained.
    But there was also a demand to be happy, waiting for its chance to rise.
    We often mistakenly believe that we have full control over ourselves, but this confidence is baseless. We don't have as much control as we believe so.
  • "<Someone's diary> People yearned for a hero for a long time.
    There seemed to be something called "spiritual healing" What is like to be spiritually sick? We are all healthy. But, all of this could be a tragic illusion.
    There were once people who tried to protect the world. We all remember them, and how they met their demise. Desire. I know desire that destroys everything.
    I no longer believe in something, or hope for a miracle.
    I don't contemplate about why they changed. I don't blame them. Because I realized that endless desire creates despair. I sometimes feel terrible emptiness, but don't know where it comes from.
    ......People yearned for a hero for a long time."
  • ...

観察/Flavour Text 編集

  • 強欲の王が卵の形をしている時、貴方はその中に曖昧な笑顔の少女のシルエットを見ることができます。
  • 職員は時々、強欲の王のオレンジの模様に魅入っている。
  • それを突き動かす飢えにより、王は自身でさえ食す。
  • 強欲の王の飢えが終わる時、それは世界の終わりです。
  • かつて、強欲の王は燃える橙の夕日のような美しい目を持っていました。しかし今は、強欲に濁ってしまっています。
  • 一部の職員は彼女が卵の中に望まないで囚われていると思っていますが、彼女を閉じ込めたのは彼女自身です。
  • 強欲の王は世界を食い尽くす。かつて彼女が愛した世界を。
  • 強欲の王はコインのように黄金に輝いている。
  • "When The King of Greed is in egg form, you can see a vague silhouette of a smiling girl inside of it."
  • "Employees are sometimes hypnotized by alluring orange patterns of The King of Greed."
  • "Driven by hunger, The King of Greed devours even itself."
  • "It's the end of the world when The King of Greed's hunger stops."
  • "The King of Greed once had beautiful eyes, burning orange like sunset. But they are clouded with greed now."
  • "Some employees think the girl is unwillingly trapped inside of the egg. But it's her who shut herself in."
  • "The King of Greed devours the world. The world that once she might have loved."
  • "The King of Greed shines gold like a coin."

豆知識/Trivia 編集

  • 強欲の王は、かつて"魔法少女"と呼ばれていた事を抜きにしても、憎しみの女王と関連があるように見えます。
  • The King of Greed seems to be related to The Queen of Hatred in someway, beside of having similar names and that before they had 'Magical Girl' as their previous names.

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