"To prevent epidemics and secondary infections caused by illnesses, we carry out preventive measures and work on welfare such as physical fitness and mental health of employees. In-house welfare is the best value Lobotomy pursues. We protect our valuable resources ... no employees' lives."
- Description
The Welfare Team Department is the seventh department that the player will unlock at day 31 and also getting a checkpoint. This department is connected to the left side of the Central Command Team Department, connected to both of its floors. It contain 1 main room, 1 elevators and 2 hallways.

Employees will wear different outfits depending on their job. Agents will wear blue suits, black pants and blue shoes, and with the light blue logo on their shoulder. Clerks will wear steel blue suits with a blue tie, and two black lines on their arms. The team's main color is blue.

Researches 編集

At the moment, this department doesn't have any researches available.

Trivia 編集

  • This department, along with the Disciplinary Team, come with their main room as two connected floors.

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